Cagnes Sur Mer 

Welcome to the Cagnes Sur Mer blog! Escape with us to the French Riviera where the sun goes down once a day but the fun never stops. Cagnes Sur Mer is a beautiful city in the Southeast of France located on the famous and picturesque French Riviera coastline. It is a seaside resort with a stunning pebble beach which gives the sea it’s incredible blue color. In the great tradition of French resorts, the city offers seaside relaxation, beach activities, water sports, and of course excellent bars and restaurants for you to enjoy. There are seasonal events all year round with the peak of the festivities happening on the ‘Promenade de la Plage’ in summer when thousands of people descend on the seafront pedestrian area for fun and frivolity. 

History and culture

Historically, Cagnes Sur Mer was a quiet little fishing village moving slowly in tune with the rhythm of the tides. Remnants of its maritime past remain with a few hardy fishermen still utilizing the resources of the sea as people have done for thousands of years. Culturally, the city became a haven for many famous artists and writers including Renoir, Kay Boyle, and Harry and Caresse Crosby. In memory of the great impressionist painter, the Renoir Museum offers beautiful surroundings as well as an interesting collection of paintings and sculptures. For a change of scenery, the culturally historical village of Haut de Cagnes is situated up the hill behind the city with a medieval castle at its summit. The village itself is a refuge with the charms and tranquility of village life. 

Come Fly with Us

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