Cagnes Sur Mer Weather

The favourite topic in the UK but not often talked about in Cagnes Sur Mer or in the Riviera! Could this be because the weather is much more predictable and that rain is more the exception rather than the rule?  Cagnes Sur Mer is in a sheltered position on the Baie des Anges (Bay of Angels) which is probably the reason the weather is a little better in Cros de Cagnes than nearby Nice.

On this page we show you first of all what the Weather is like now in Cros de Cagnes, Cagnes Sur Mer and then we show a table showing historical data for every calendar month of the year including temperatures and rainfall. We have included for comparison the maximum average temperatures recorded by the UK Met Office in Southern England.

Cagnes Sur Mer is renowned for its mild warmer Winters and long hot Summers which tend to be dry. Historically many more affluent UK Citizens would reside in the Nice area of France during the Winter Months preferring this better climate.

Cagnes Sur Mer / Cros de Cagnes Current Weather, Weather Forecast & Historic Weather Trends


Max Temp

Max Temp

Min Temp





January 12 7 4 82.7
February 13 7 4 76.4
March 15 9 7 70.5
April 16 12 9 62.2
May 21 16 13 48.6
June 24 19 17 36.9
July 26 21 19 15.6
August 27 21 20 27.3
September 24 18 16 34.3
October 20 14 13 108.2
November 17 10 8 104.2
December 13 7 6 77.5
*Data supplied by Meteo France (average max and min temperatures from 1990-2000)
** Data supplied by UK Meteorological Office (average max and min temperatures from 1990-2000)