Cagnes Sur Mer / Cros de Cagnes / Haut de Cagnes Local Attractions

Don't be fooled Cagnes Sur Mer is not all about the fantastic beach at Cros de Cagnes - but there is also a lot more besides. Cagnes Sur Mer is surrounded by history dating back from Cagnes Sur Mer's  first colonisation by the Greeks from Marseille who settled in the old village of Haut de Cagnes, the Italians who occupied the Port at Cros de Cagnes and established a fishing community hundreds of years ago. Art and culture feature highly in Cagnes Sur Mer with the area having many unique events to relay to its visitors. Please read on to find out about some of the attractions in Cagnes Sur Mer: and visit the Events Page for details of Events in Cagnes Sur Mer, Cros de Cagnes and Haut de Cagnes areas:

Art, Culture and History


One of the steep narrow winding streets of Haut de Cagnes

Haut de Cagnes. The medieval village perched on the hilltops with buildings dating from the 12th Century. Haut de Cagne consists of small, steep, pebble paved streets teamed with breath taking views over the Riviera. Haut de Cagne has vaulted passages, flowered stairs, unusual houses and artists studios. There is a free shuttle bus which runs from the Bus Station in Cagnes Sur Mer in the Square Bourdet. This runs every day at approximately 20 minute intervals until about 10pm.

Grimaldi Chateau Haut de Cagnes

Grimaldi Castle & Museum (Grimaldi Chateau)
Haut de Cagnes Tel: +33 4 92 02 47 30 (Open in the Winter 10am-12pm and 2pm - 5pm and in the Summer 10am - 12pm and 2pm-6pm)
The Grimaldi Castle is located at the top of Haut de Cagnes with its fourteenth century fortress. The Grimaldi Castle  houses the Olive Museum and the Solidor Donation (a collection of paintings of Suzy Solidor by world renowned artists - Suzy strived to become the most painted lady in the world!).The Grimaldi Castle was built on Greek and Roman ruins, it served as the Bishops Castle during the Middle Ages, then as a fortress and as the residence of the Grimaldi family - relatives of the current ruling house of Monaco. Subsequently it was used by other royal governors. After the French Revolution is was used as a barracks and a hospital The Grimaldi Chateau is constructed out of local stone designed around a triangular courtyard.

Chapelle Notre Dame de la Protection Cagnes Sur Mer

The Chapel of Our Lady of Protection (Chapelle Notre Dame de la Protection)
Haut de Cagnes (Open Saturday & Sunday 2pm - 5pm)
Contains some spectacular frescoes dating from 1530 which were only discovered in 1936.

Renoir's Studio (Les Collettes) Cagnes Sur Mer

Renoir's Museum (Les Collettes)
Cagnes Tel: +33 4 93 20 03 04 (Open in the Winter 10am-12pm and 2pm -5pm and in the Summer 10am-12pm and 2pm-6pm)
Renoir's Les Collettes is situated in amongst very old Olive Trees, Renoir lived at Les Collettes since 1908. The climate in Cagnes suited him along with the light and landscape which is one of the reasons that the area is so popular with artists today. Renoir painted here in Cagnes Sur Mer developing the impressionist style until his death in 1919. He is renowned for his use of vibrant light and saturated colours. Renoir along with his friend Monet discovered that the colour of shadows was not brown or black but the reflected colour of the objects surrounding them. The Renoir Museum captures his studio at Les Collettes just as he would have used it.

Cros de Cagnes Port Cagnes Sur Mer

Port of Cros de Cagnes
The port dates back to the 19th Century when it was established by Italian Fishermen. Today the port at Cros de Cagnes is still used by Fishermen and there is an active Fish Market here which operates most mornings. There is an original fishing boat which is currently being restored to its former glory.

Beach and Leisure


Beach at Cros de Cagnes

Beach at Cros de Cagnes

The beach spans over 2 miles (3.5km), like most of the Riviera the beach is covered in soft pebbles. The water quality is regularly tested by the local environmental laboratory to ensure its high quality. During July and August there are two lifeguard posts at the beach which are manned from 9am until 7pm every day. Drinking Fountains, Showers and Toilets are provided along the promenade and beach and there are a plethora of cafes and restaurants providing refreshments with prices to suit most pockets.

Water Ski

Water Ski Club (Cagnes Ski Nautique Club)
Base Nautique, Cros de Cagnes, Tel: +33 6 99 18 20 05 (Open June - September  8am - 7pm)
A variety of Water Sports are offered supervised by professionals during the summer months including Water Skiing, Wake Boarding, Jet Skiing, Paragliding and Water Skiing for the young (3-9 year olds),

Sailing on the Baie des Anges

Sailing School (Ecole de Voile Municipale)
Port Abri du Cros, Avenue du Capitaine Val, Tel: +33 4 93 31 45 65 (Open March - December)
Courses in Sailing are offered at all levels for all age groups down at the port in Cros de Cagnes.  During the School Holidays a week of five half day lesson is offered. There is also the option to combine Sailing with Tennis.

Club Moana

Diving (Plongee) Club Moana, Base Nautique, Cros de Cagnes, Tel: +33 4 93 31 88 19 (Open all year)

The Mediterranean sea bed is one of the most beautiful and best preserved in Europe. The French Riviera has some of the most spectacular underwater sights in the Mediterranean, with crystal-clear waters that are teeming with plant and animal life. Please refer to the website above for more details or call the telephone number provided for details of local dives planned.

Sea Fishing at Cros de Cagnes

Sea Fishing (Peche en Mer)
Section Peche, 2 Boulevard Merechal Juin, Tel: +33 6 80 22 47 61

Please telephone for more information on local fishing trips organised.

Skiing at Isola 2000 Mercantour

Auron / Isola 2000

Just over an hour away the Mercantour Resorts of Auron and Isola 2000 offer fantastic Skiing teamed with the authenticity of genuine mountain villages like Isola. The local regional councils have invested significantly in the area providing new ski runs, redesigning existing runs and modernising all the facilities to give you greater pleasure and comfort at every opportunity.